web design / app design

Elena Mirò needed a digital re-landscaping of their website. The challenge was positioning their three very distinctive brands – ForMe, White and Elena Mirò in a way that showcased their differences while at the same time maintaining a consistency throughout the layout and design of their site. Additionally, Elena Mirò was interested in implementing an app that would reflect their brand values – among them, their strong one-to-one relationship with customers with a high level of customer service.


A darker digital color palette throughout the website to evoke a sense of mistique and carry through the luxuriousness of the brand and its high-quality materials. This was a drastic change from their white-themed website. The proposal and delivery of the “Virtual Closet” App – a one-to-one communication tool between the sales staff and customers. Capabilities include: Reservations to try on new arrivals, ability to refer new styles and pieces by clicking and dragging into the virtual closet, direct call-to-action links to the e-commerce site.


Website has mproved usability and customer journey. Simplified options that direct traffic flow to e-commerce without being overly pushy. App has potential to grow realtionship between brand and customers while also serving as a useful CRM tool. (Expanding database for e-mail marketing and newsletters)