app design / web design

Design an engaging and useful app that promotes social drinking while utilizing native features of smartphones such as geolocation and accelerometer API’s. Inspired by Milan’s EXPO 2015, which will be centered around food and sustainability, the goal was to design an app that will aid in finding others while offering useful information regarding the activities within certain venues.


Being in-tuned with the demand for specific information such as – crowd level and whether or not your friends are currently at a specific venue, a concept was devised that paid heed to these factors and more – the additional functionality to custom select what type of drink you as the user preferred. For example: depending upon what phase of your night, the following is the order of drinks respectively from early to late night- Aperitivo, Vino/Birra, Digestivo.


Salute in Italian means “Cheers” and became the name of the app. Being culturally relevant to Milan (future implementation for EXPO 2015) was a influential factor in the design. The end result was an app that can detect the crowd level at a specific bar/restaurant in real-time while also informing the user of his/her network of friends who have also checked-in.