Now These Boots Are Haute


"White" Boot by Walter Steiger.

“White” Boot by Walter Steiger.

Walter Steiger’s geometric play on this boot design is genius. I love the stark contrast between the while and black leather. The licorice thin shoe lace is also playfully and visually delicious. The negative space allows for hoisery and stockings to show through and invites creativity. It’s nice to have the option to add your own touch.

Classic Ankle Boots by Tod's

Classic Ankle Boots by Tod’s

Tod’s is the epitomy of “Made in Italy”. These boots are my personal fav and go-to everyday wear. Not only are they comfortable, they are also stylish and practical. I can dress up as well as dress down with these classic ankle boots.

Belle Calf Boot by Christian Louboutin

Belle Calf Boot by Christian Louboutin

Although Louboutin’s signature shoe is black and red. I think this dark blue is much more appealing. The red bottom also stands out more against the coolness of the blue. These boots are complimentary to light patterned clothing and a bright red lipstick – bam.

Venice Boot by Casadei

Venice Boot by Casadei

I think the detail in the heel of this shoe is absolutely gorgeous. Casadei usually features extremely thin heels which although beautiful to look at, are prone to breaking. The soft magenta suede juxtaposed with the silver carved heel is perfect for the more subtle diva. The one who doesn’t have to speak out loud as much since her fierceness speaks for itself.

Stiletto Sphère Low Boot by Roger Vivier

Stiletto Sphère Low Boot by Roger Vivier

Oh Roger Vivier, you’ve really done it this time. This shoe is an architectural masterpiece for the feet. A really nice balance between texture and material tied together by this shoe’s beautiful form. The emerald green satin is just enough contrast next to the shiny dark teal. And the chrome sphere is symbolic of having the world at your feet. Love. This. Shoe.

Joan Ankle Boot by Fendi

Joan Ankle Boot by Fendi

Just looking at this boot makes me want to do a Tarzan scream. It’s badass and at the same time organic. Like an Afro-Punk band, this boot rocks.




"Lindy" Boot by Brian Atwood

“Lindy” Boot by Brian Atwood

These boots not only move with you, they also move you for you’ll definitely be the life of the party with these kickers on.


"Demiswoon" by Stuart Weitzman

“Demiswoon” by Stuart Weitzman

Yessss. Platforms are always waaay more comfortable. Thanks Stuart for keeping that in mind when designing Demiswoon – which by the way is such a lovely and suitable name for these boots. The midnight blue and soft suede remind me of a kiss under the stars on the fire-escape balcony in SOHO at 3am.  Just sayin’.