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Buon Compleanno Gualtiero!!

L’Uomo Vogue, and Milano Cucina hosted the 85th birthday celebration of world-renowned Visionary Chef Gualtiero Marchesi. All the proceeds from the evening were donated to the World Food Programme, the UN Humanitarian Agency, whichContinue Reading..


Best Hiking Trails Near Milan

Left: From the top of Mt. Bolettone Right: View from hiking Mt. San Primo

One of many perks to living in Milan is the close proximity to the Alps and pre-Alps where there are many hiking trails open year-round for outdoor enthusiasts and foodies alike. After a scenic hike that really builds up an appetite, you can reward yourself with a delicious home-style meal at a “Rifugio” aka a rustic restaurant and refuge after a long day’s hike. Here are some of my favorite spots to hike along with their corresponding nearby Rifugios.Continue Reading..


Weekend Getaway in Mantova

Mantua (Mantova in Italian), is one of Italy’s best kept secrets for a romantic weekend getaway. Full of palaces, churches, pastel-colored homes and narrow cobblestone streets, this town certainly possesses a lot of beauty and charm.


Left: Walking along the Mincio River; Right: View of Piazza Sordello from balcony of Palazzo Ducale

Continue Reading..


White Truffle Festival In Alba

The white truffle or “trifola d’Alba” comes from the Piedmont region in northern Italy and, most famously, in the countryside around the cities of Alba and Asti. The annual festival in Alba is held every October and attracts tens of thousands of foodies from all over the world. Continue Reading..


Morbegno Wine Tour

Imagine walking around through narrow cobblestone streets, beneath archways, colorful wooden window blinds and antique wooden doors. This description suits most of Italy’s small towns but one in particular – Morbegno, home to over 50 ancient wine cellars, hosts an annual wine tour that attracts both locals and visitors alike.Continue Reading..


Best Aperitivo in Milan

One of my favorite things about living in Milan is the “aperitivo” also known as the Milanese happy hour. Every night between 6-9pm, restaurant and bar owners put Continue Reading..