A Jack (Russell) of All Trades

Adventurer, peanut butter connoisseur, athlete and public figure, these are some of the words that describe Picasso Matthew Frisch.


Born in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania in the spring of 2008, he was chosen among 5 little Jack Russell puppies to be my love, my little buddy, my confident. Over the past few years, he has travelled far and wide, given guest appearances at offices around the world and provided instant feeelings of warmth and fuzziness to strangers just by looking at them with those doting, adorable brown eyes.


jack russel president

After running in the 2012 Presidential Election, “Binders Full of Bitches” was a response to Mitt Romney’s “Binders Full of Women”.


Picasso giving a presentation on The Benefits of Eating Lunch Outside in Nature (in addition to doing other things outside which were debatable).


Picasso Matthew teaching a meditation course at The Canine Center for Even More Hightened Senses.


Picasso is a great Shopping Consultant.


Here, Picasso is advising me to not buy any more shoes.


Picasso has lived in New York City, Oyster Bay Cove – Long Island, Baltimore, Annapolis, Richmond and Scranton. He currently resides in Milan, Italy. This past year, he has visited Venice, Lake Como, Inverigo, Argegno, Nibbiano, Genoa, Rome, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Macedonia, Santorini, Athens and Istanbul. He likes to go sailing in his free time and also enjoys modeling and practicing new tricks.

Home in Oyster Bay Cove


Picasso sailing and serving as First Mate.


Picasso being featured in the 2014 Polo Sport “Fetch” Perfume Ad at the Abbiategrasso Underground Metro Station in Milan

Dog on yacht Coast of Capri

Aboard the “Marlin” Formerly John F. Kennedy’s Boat.


Left: Epic Frisbee Glamour Shot; Right: Pre-boyfriend dinner wiht my little man.


tassara countryside italy

Enjoying the countryside of Nibbiano Italy.



Always on-the-go! Where to next?