Torre Materita

Originally built during the late Middle Ages by the monks of the Certosa monastery for the protection of the local population, the villa is located at the top of a windy and steep road from the town of Anacapri. From 1908 to 1943, Torre Materita was the residence of the Swedish doctor and writer Axel Munthe. Here, he wrote his most famous book, “The Story of San Michele”. Now it is owned by Diego Della Valle – and used by him as a beautiful estate to entertain friends, relax and soak up the southern Italian rays of sun. I was invited to attend a “Half Birthday Weekend Party” at this historic paradise. So I packed my suitcase and flew down with my Jack Russell for what can best be described as the best (and only) half birthday party I have ever attended in my life.

torre materita guesthouse

Picasso seems to like our guest house at Torre Materita.

torre materita yoga

A little morning yoga is a great way to start the day! Here I was leading a small class, working on dancers’ pose.

torre materita 2

This was the place of great introspection. First by the medieval monks, then Axel Munthe.

torre materita 3

Photo Credit: Matteo Procaccioli, Talented photographer and…Birthday Boy!

Marlin Hyannisport

Sure, I will give it a try – let’s hope I don’t steer the Marlin Hyannisport into the rocks!

Marlin Hyannisport JFK

Formerly owned by JFK, now property of Diego Della Valle. These historic photos from the interior are timeless.

Aunie Frisch

Phot Credit: Matteo Procaccioli. Thanks for taking this great shot and making me look like a Boss.